Tokenized search, flyout with requested text highlighted

Made modal from scratch. trip prep will show you all information for date for the type of travel you will be taking

Responsive mobile tablet and desktop

Afloat table will dynamically show more or less price columns depending on trip options

Responsive mobile tablet and desktop

I am proud of the checkout progress bar. its made all with css with border color change.

Responsive mobile tablet and desktop

Inspired by Isotope I made this similar library that orders cards based on tags.


I am working at a agency and so need to track time. This desktop app made in electron pings me at

Random intervals between 1 and 45 minute. I can go back at see what I did in the last week, month or

Whenever. In the future it will support tag searching.

I also wrote a custom backbone like view layer called element to render the views


I always want to search youtube for one topic and watch all videos on that topic

This is my work in progress that gets a list of videos on a search term and plays the videos

One after the other. It uses the google api and requires google plus oauth

This was a very early project. Still lots of bugs


Start of a memory game with gifs as cards from the giffy api. I wanted to do a project with HTML5 3d transforms

Finds matches and turns cards back over if no match

memory game

This was my attempt to make pac man entirely in css. didn't quite get there.

all animation is done in css animations. the movement of pac man and the ghosts are javascript

This is the early stages of an in browser editor. On the screen the program has rendered a photoshop file

in html. It looks strange because the original psd image is behind it. There is lots of css in the psd file

on the video when I am selecting a portion of the document the program is retrieving the css and text.

In this case its only returning the text as poc. a later version uses sockets to relay information